Friday, 14 December 2012

Abby's Bat Mitzvah

Abby's Bat Mitzvah was a hit last Sunday night at the Westin Prince Hotel. The room was transformed into a fabulous celebration! With feathered boas, crystal centerpieces and an endless supply of sweets it was truly an event to remember!

Sharlene Wilder, the coordinator of this outstanding event, pulled all the stops when planning the night. Each guest was given a beautiful mask adorned with a crown of feathers. The deep purples and sparkling swirls were the perfect match with our Purple Eye Lash fabric. This fun and colourful fabric was the perfect choice for the event. The whimsical swirls and reflective pieces set the tone for the entire design.

Our deep Purple Satina napkins were used to anchor the shades of purple in the table linen. Guest chairs were covered in our simple Black Giselle chair covers. These fitted chair covers make for a clean and sophisticated look. Simple chair covers allow for the fabulous tables to be the focus of the room.
The centerpieces certainly made a statement and stood out wonderfully in the grand room. The tall pieces reflected the light beautifully and the hanging crystals added to the whimsical feel.
In the entrance cruiser tables dressed in our Pink Crinkle  were scattered around the room. Each table accessorized with our soft pink chiffon roses and diamond trim. To give guests a sneak peek at what was to come, a tall extravagant centerpiece was placed on one of the cruiser tables.
A three tier hanging crystal chandelier centerpiece topped with large white ostrich feathers was washed in pink with an LED light. The statement piece gave guests just a taste of what was to come!
 It's the small details that really make a decor design extravagant. For Abby's event the team went all out decorating each table with a personal touch to tie in the entire design.

It was great working with the entire team on Abby's special day. To see more of the wild night check out the video put together by DreamVision and be sure to let us know what you think!

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