Monday, 28 January 2013

A Corporate Carnival

What better way to show appreciation for your employees than bringing an enormous carnival into the heart of the city. To show appreciation to their 2500+ employees this company created an over the top Corporate Carnival hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. They made all the stops with games, a merry-go-round, carnival rides and even live performances.

The idea was to create a retro themed carnival. To make this enormous space more intimate it was divided into different areas; a seating area, stage and dance floor as well as an area with rides and food stands. We helped complete the look by bringing bold colors and fun patterns to what is usually a very plain space. 

Custom throw pillows made to match the guest tables were used to create a comfy seating area for guests to rest after a ride on the merry go round!

Our new Cherry Blossom Trees brought an outdoor feel to this carnival. Decorated to fit the retro theme the glowing trees were a perfect addition to the decor design.

Tall white vases with colorful branches were a dramatic yet simple centerpiece. A thin, tall centerpiece allows for conversation and avoids clutter on your table top.

Our Pucci Passion was the perfect fit for this retro themed event. We pulled the bold colors from this fabric and used them to dress the tables. Alternating fabrics in such a large space is essential. It creates a much more dynamic space and makes for a better over all look. 

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