Thursday, 22 November 2012

Top Choice Awards 2012 Gala

 On November 2, 2012 the 7th annual Top Choice Awards Gala was hosted at Atlantis in Toronto. The waterfront venue could not be more perfect for this superb event. Guests had a beautiful view of the shining lights from the city and a perfect view of the CN tower.

It was a elegant black tie affair, it was clear Top Choice Magazine pulled all the stops to make this event one to remember! An array of foods were served but by far the most interesting was the sushi served off of a womans body! Singers, Dancers and other performers entertained guests as the night went on. Colourful and exciting costumes filled the stage and danced among guests.

What decor theme would be more appropriate for the Top Choice Awards than the one created here? As guests headed towards the main room they were guided down a hallway draped in our Black Chandelier and Gold Lame Fabrics. At the end of the hall two of our new twinkling Cherry Blossom Trees framed the entrance of the rich gold hall. To honor the best of the best we created a shimmering gold and black theme. Our sleek Midnight Black Satin covered cruiser tables and were accented with our gold diamond trim. Our Gold Starburst was an obvious choice for the guest tables. The gold sequence reflected light beautifully.  
Our centerpieces were tall, three tier chandeliers with hanging crystals. The sophisticated centerpieces were lit up with different coloured LED lights to go with the lights and production around the room.
Our Black Giselle Chair Covers allowed the linens to shine against the solid black rusching.
When the sun had set the guest tables gave off a beautiful warm glow and the entire room was transformed into an elegant affair. Every aspect of the production came together beautifully.

"Susan Murray International is a trailblazing company leading the way in sophisticated décor and ambiance setting..."

Congratulations Susan for being recognized at the Top Choice Awards Gala! Click Here to read the editorial on how Susan Murray International got to where it is today! 

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