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How to Design Your Table Top

Have you been wondering how to get that magazine worthy wedding design? Ever thought about how they make such a simple design jaw-dropping or how they combine just the right shades of pink? We've had many brides ask us how we come up with such unique designs and make a table so beautiful. 

We are more than just a linen and decor rental company we've become table top designers. Dressing up your table is something we do best so we thought we'd share some of our secrets, starting from your reception area.

There are so many unique ways to tell guests where they will be sitting at your wedding -just do a quick search on Pinterest for place cards and you'll be looking for hours! But if you decide to go the traditional route with a Place Cards Table dress it up and have some fun with it! Choose a unique textured linen like our Ivory Vintage Rose or our Gun Metal Silver Crinkle and wow guests with a grand centerpiece - or two, or three. In the image below we used vases in a variety of heights and shapes to add dimension to what would be a very flat table. Over flowing floral arrangements make a beautiful focal point in the reception area. Hanging crystals, small votives and candles can be used to dress up the table.

Maybe that last design was too much for you. If so, try a simpler design with a tall vase and a traditional arrangement. Use linens to create that wow factor. Here we used pink ruffled tulle with our Flamingo Pink Satina pinched with ribbon and brooches. 

Guest tables are one of the most important parts of your decor design. This is where your guests will be seated for most of the night so this is not the place to skimp!

We like to start with the linens. What goes well with your theme? A simple, soft colored satin or an intricate lace overlay? Do you want a textured linen or a glitzy sequence overlay? If you are in a large venue space try picking out more than one linen combination to alternate on tables. Pick two linens that compliment each other. This will break up the tables and bring a more dynamic look to your venue. A great example we've used in the past is our Silver Cartier and our Stone Satin.

When decorating your tables leave enough space for your guests to be comfortable. Too much will make the table cluttered, too little and your tables may look a bit bare and boring! Floral arrangements are an easy and traditional way to go. Pick interesting arrangements and vases in different sizes and shapes to wow your guests. Placing a mirror on the table will make it look larger and will reflect your lighting and the beautiful colors of your floral arrangements.

Charger plates are an easy way to bring a bit of character to your table top. Its a great way to break up your napkins and table linens so choose something that stands out.

If you are looking to use a grand centerpiece, choose something that is tall and unique. Make sure it is not too big that it obstructs your guests view from one another. You want them to chat and mingle with others at the table - that's why you spent so many hours perfecting your seating chart right? Use small votives to decorate your table and create a romantic candle lit feel.

If you are creating an elegant twenties inspired theme our feathered fans accented with our crystal brooches are the way to go.

One of our latest table top accessories are our Napkin Enhancers. They make a beautiful take aways for your guests and are a unique way to dress up your napkins.

And now onto what we think is the most important table at your wedding - the head table. Your head table should be the focal point of the room. We usually like to choose linens that go well with - but stand out from - the guest table linens. We love the look of over flowing flowers on the head table. Use your flowers to compliment your color scheme and bring your head table to life. Take a look at a few designs we've done in the past.

We are all about the details! Drape linens over the sides to add character and dimension to your table. Small votives and crystal brooches will fill up your table and create a head table your guests can't get enough of.

Maybe that's a bit too much for you. If you are going for a simpler look use sparkle to draw the eye to your head table. 

A Sweets table is your chance to do something fun and flirty with your decor design. Pick a bold, textured linen or dress up the table with some tulle and draping. Use unique containers and a variety of heights to make the table more fun and inviting.

Share some of your favorite table top designs with us! Tweet your pictures to @TeamSusanMurray we'd love to see your ideas and inspirations!

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