Monday, 7 October 2013

Deciding on a Theme

Photo Credit: Tela Chhe
So you just got engaged, Congratulations! You’ve got the perfect partner, the perfect ring and now to start planning the perfect wedding. But where to start? How about deciding on what kind of wedding you want. Do you have any themes you love, any that are an absolute no?

Deciding on the theme is one of the most important parts of the planning process. This theme will be woven into every aspect of your wedding from the invitations, to the bridesmaid’s dresses, to the color of your table linens. A well thought out theme will give you better direction when making decisions and make the planning process that much easier.
Figuring out what type of bride you are can help on deciding a theme that is true to you - and your future husband of course. We have seen so many very different brides, each unique and dynamic in their own way. We love creating one of a kind dream weddings for our brides but when it comes to planning the event we have noticed brides usually fall into one of four categories, the dreamer, the rookie, the perfectionist and the unconventional bride. By identifying yourself with one of these categories it will help when deciding on your theme.
 The Dreamer is a bride who has been thinking of her wedding day since she could remember. Dressing up her dolls in white tulle and tiaras. They usually walk into our offices with a binder full of magazine clippings and print outs of photos they’ve been collecting for the last 10 years. For the dreamers we suggest something over the top, a big wedding with everyone they know. Lots of glitz, lace and tulle, lush flowers and sparkling accessories. This type of bride is usually looking for a jaw dropping, unique design that screams princess bride.

The rookie is a bride who hasn’t put much thought into her big day – they are great to work with, very open-minded. The entire process of planning a big party for everyone they know is a bit overwhelming. They usually step into our showroom, wide eyed and terrified by the variety and sparkle. For the rookie we suggest keeping your Maid of Honor close and your event planner closer. For a rookie we suggest keeping it simple, like some of these events we were a part of,

The unconventional bride is the last type of bride. These brides like to break the traditional mould and usually create the most unique weddings. For these brides we usually suggest picking a venue that is completely different and go from there, allow that to direct your theme. When it comes to décor we choose colour schemes, arrangements and accessories that are  bold and unique.

You may find yourself fitting into more than one category, no bride is the same. Find a theme that speaks to you. A design that you love, and one that you will want to look back on for years to come.

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