Thursday, 10 May 2012

Eco-Chic: Make Your Wedding a Green Wedding!

After the hype and excitement of getting engaged couples are faced with the daunting task of planning an event for all of their family and friends. There are an endless number of decisions to be made for the big day and so many vendors to choose from. It's one of the most important days of a couples lives however this event is one that produces an enormous amount of waste. It's not the first thing you think of when beginning the planning process however we believe it should be something to keep in mind!

When we say host an eco-friendly wedding we do not mean drive yourself crazy looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to special or important details of your wedding. However keeping in mind the impact your purchases and orders have on the environment can make a difference.

When creating an Eco-Chic wedding it is all about the vendor you chose. Don't be afraid to ask potential vendors what their -if any- sustainability objectives are. Their corporate activities and eco-friendly alternatives will help in creating your dream green wedding! Here are a few ways of reducing the impact your wedding has on the environment.


Your invitations are of course, a very important part of planning, however the amount of paper used for a card that will be tossed out is a bit ridiculous! Invitations have become more and more elaborate, with multiple pieces to add flare. Try to simplify the invitation without losing the elegance or detail, make it one card as a posed to a few.

Many stationary companies offer eco-friendly alternatives such as using recycled, tree-free or chemical free papers to create invitations. Better yet why not create a fabulous, interactive website or email invitation?

Localin season and organic are the three most important words when it comes to flowers. If you want to make your wedding more eco-friendly chose locally grown flowers not only to reduce shipping but also because many flowers grown in other countries are grown using harmful chemicals that pollute the soil and underground water.

Why not try creating a chic and distinctive bouquet out of old buttons or brooches, it's a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding and it could be a fun DIY project! And because they won't wilt and die you can keep your bouquets as the perfect keepsake.

Let's face it once these go out, very few are really used why not try an edible alternative or make a donation on behalf of your guests.

You could try finding a recycled or pre-owned gown; however this could be difficult for some brides. If that won't work for you try to find a gown from a local designer to reduce shipping and packaging waste.

Don't let food go to waste! Don't skimp on quality however be sure to inform your caterer on the exact number of attendees to ensure you are preparing the right amount of food.

Talk to your caterer and make sure any leftover food is either donated to a local food bank or used for compost don't just throw it away!

A destination wedding, as beautiful as it may be, can result in a very large impact on the environment. Keep your wedding local to minimize travel time!

At Susan Murray International we maintain a strong focus on reducing our carbon footprint. We believe it is important to understand the impact our corporate activities have on the environment. Here are just a few ways we have committed to making our company more eco-friendly.

• We refrain from using hazardous chemicals when cleaning our linens
• We reuse our linen bags to minimize our plastic consumption
• We have invested in making our office more efficient and environmentally friendly

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