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Trend Watch - Pleats and Origami

The most well known Origami fold is probably the crane. In Japan, the crane symbolizes longevity and folding one thousand cranes is believed to bring your wish come true. It is very much a symbol of prayers and is often given as a good luck or get well present.

Origami is a traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD and was popularized in the mid 1900s (Wikipedia). Since then it has evolved into a modern art form as well as the muse for many designers and artists.

Sharp lines characteristic to folded paper of Origami and the unique pattern of colors have inspired architectural designers around the world. Not only do we see buildings accentuating sharp lines, but also building structures that are designed dimensionally like Origami.

The artists and designers of the fashion world have also taken Origami as a muse in their work. We have been seeing trends of very dimensional and structural dresses in the wedding fashion industry.

The Dior Origami Wedding Dress is probably one of the most famous Origami inspired wedding dresses out there. It is beautiful, expressive and grand. Of course it is runway oriented and for most of us it works as a great source of inspiration.

One can find many amazing and gorgeous dresses that have a tweak of Origami inspiration. This wedding dress above is perfect for the modern bride to make a fashion statement in a subtle yet noticeable manner.

Natalie Portman’s dress also shows some Origami inspiration. She wears it with class and elegance – a dress that could be worn at an urban wedding setting.

Choosing accessories and shoes with folds and pleats are another way to incorporate this trend. These blue shoes are absolutely stunning and are the perfect splash of color to peak out of a white gown.

Origami inspired structural dresses are not just for the brides! There are many options out there for the bride maids and guests. It would be a fun idea to make it a theme of the wedding and have guests wear at least one thing that has pleats or folds.

Besides folding the linen to give it structure like Origami, pleats are a great alternative to allow the fabric to flow. While being structurally dimensional, pleats move and flow, which creates many different expressions and adds softness.

Dresses with pleats are feminine, elegant and flowy. They have a fairy tale atmosphere and will bring out the Goddess quality in women. Look for fully pleated dresses to wow the crowd or go for something subtler and partially pleated to accentuate the silky flowy elegance.

Origami Pattern in Cranberry

Our Origami Pattern linens can be used as drapery or tablecloth to incorporate this trend in weddings or events.

Origami Pattern in Dolce Cream

The satin sheen is elegant and silky while the texture adds some character to them. A great linen to wrap structures as well, to create focal points and add some drama. Comes in Dolce Cream, Cranberry and Stainless Silver.

But the beauty of Origami really lies in the folding of paper and that one can make so many different shapes! Take advantage of the quality of paper - it comes in any color or pattern you can imagine, it can bend and fold, it's light weight, and it lets through light.

With just a little creativity you can use Origami art at your wedding or event as decoration pieces that will enchant the guests and will be remembered for ever. Here you can see Lily flower Origami hung from the ceiling. A romantic and very artistic look to add to a spring/summer wedding.

Remember this game from school? Fold these little toys and place them on the guest tables. Write some fun phrases or little questions. Perfect to be used as a ice breaker for the guests that may not know each other yet.

Here is a way to keep the flowers for ever - make Origami flowers! They are intricate, elegant and pretty and won't ever wither on you.

And if you really love the idea of Origami and you are crafty, why not make Origami Wedding Invitations? You can make them yourself and it will be very personal. Here we are showing the Origami Heart but there are many different forms to pick from and also many books and websites out there.

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