Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Trend Watch - Where the Wild Things Are

Cat fight or not, this feline print has been hot since last summer and it’s not showing any sign of cooling down. Although Leopard Prints have come and gone in the past pop fashion trends, it has been a timeless staple amongst chic Parisian women.

Ah, Paris. The city of love… And the city of fashion, may we add.

Fashion and beauty icons like Catherine Deneuve have set the fashion trends for decades and continue to shine with ageless beauty.

Traditionally we have seen many Leopard Prints on outerwear like coats and jackets and they go exceptionally well with bright reds. It is glamorous, wild, and chic, all at the same time. There is a sensual hint of aggression as well, which can empower a woman with confidence and self-knowledge.

Today the Leopard Print has gone above and beyond, reaching every imaginable item from sneakers to umbrellas thanks to modern haute couture inspired fashion design houses like Lanvin and many more.

The trend has definitely caught on in the linen world as well. We are seeing this feline print everywhere, from events to home décor and love the effect that this fabric pattern can bring: pure & wild glamour. Our Leopard Sheer is light and elegant enough to pull off this look at any occasion. Match it with red to create extra drama!

As for fashion statement, here are a few examples on how the trendy celebs are pulling it off. If you aren’t feeling too hot about committing to a major piece like a dress or a pair of shoes, try out what celebrities like Keira Knightley or Sienna Miller are doing.

A Leopard Print scarf is an accessible way to bring in top trends and a perfect accessory to give some oomph to an outfit.

And here is a wild idea for you brides-to-be out there. Instead of opting for the traditional French manicure, why not play a little by adding some Leopard Print? If that is too risqué for you, think PEDICURE. It just might be the next big thing after colorful wedding shoes.

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