Monday, 15 November 2010

Trend Watch - Dimension and Structure

In fashion and in event styling, a sense of playfulness comes in quite handy. Take Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City for example. The playfulness is hard to miss and it shows off her unique and bold personality.

One can experiment a lot in fashion but one of the easiest and most exciting way to bring some fun is through linen. Linen's softness, its flow, flexibility and varying texture/weight make it a limitlessly versatile material. We love the idea of making flowers by cutting them, layering them or simply creatively folding them!

Texture is a great asset of linen and one should definitely take advantage of it. You can use it to create drama and depth. The trick is to play up the unexpected areas - like the back of a chair at an event...

Add a matching accessory that adds further dimension and play. A great way to glamorize the chairs.

For a more whimsical energy, pick colors that compliment each other and layer them. It creates a vibrant look that exudes fun and happiness.

Folding and manipulating the linen to create dimension and structure is a fun and creative way to use a soft material. There is a sense of unexpectedness to it that makes is that much more playful. We love this origami-like necklace!

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