Monday, 29 November 2010

Bachelorette Party Team T-shirts!!

Oh yes, the last "girl's night out" before you officially become the Mrs. The perfect excuse to let it all out, be crazy, be daring, be fierce...

The saying really should go:
"what happens at the bachelorette, stays at the bachelorette".

But wether you're the type who wants to have a wild night out or simply have a great girly pampering day with your closest friends, the bride and her entourage should be signified and celebrated.

At Susan Murray we custom design your Bachelorette Party Team T-shirts!
Tell us what text and images you would like and we can design it to fit your party. Need ideas? Just contact us and give us an idea of what mood you're looking for. We can make the T-shirts romantic, cute or sexy!

For more information contact us or visit us on our website!

15 shirts minimum order. Need more? Let us know and we can arrange discounts!!

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