Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Romantic Era of Marie Antoinette

Weddings are all about romance. It is THE event that celebrates eternal love. Some celebrate it small and intimate, others grand and glamorous. Either way, the element of romance and romanticism should be strongly present at any wedding.
Painting by Maurice Quentin de La Tour

Scene from movie Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppola

At Susan Murray, we love to look at different eras in the history to gain inspiration. 18th Century France, the era of Marie Antoinette for example, was glimmering and exploding with romantic Rococo style glamour and lavish ornamentation.

Photo by Bernard Tartniville

Although the style from back then is a little too much for today, we can still be inspired by the beautiful richness of lines and forms as well as the elegant layers of colors and textures.

Some of our fabrics like the Black & White Baroque along with Kensington and new Monaco were all inspired by this specific era.

The usage of lace, soft colors and elegant shimmer are all great expressions for a wedding with the romance and elegance of 18th century France.

In addition to linen, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the Romantic Era theme into your wedding. Take a look at the gorgeous necklace designed by Ranjana Khan. Absolutely breathtaking! Accessorize with plump roses and peonies, use calligraphy and rich paper with some texture, place antique looking porcelain on the guest tables…. Use your imagination and create a world where you feel like a real princess. It's YOUR day!


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