Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fall Winter 2010 - 2011 Décor Trend Forecast

Like mainstream and runway fashion, seasonal trend plays a big role in the event décor industry. At Susan Murray, we are always aware and in tune with what’s the newest, hottest and upcoming in the world of fashion and textiles. We pay attention to society’s mood, what’s happening around the world and what users will be wanting in the near future.

For Fall 2010 through early Spring 2011, we predict a further shift towards NATURE, ORGANIC, GREEN, and ECO.

We’ve been slowly seeing ECO friendly material getting accepted by mainstream as where before it was fighting for it. We are proud to see that the mainstream has caught on to the green movement and ecological consciousness of the society.

In 2010 to early 2011, NATURE inspired prints and motifs will be sought after, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons where the drama of the season can be translated to enchanting event décors.

Green and Khaki colors, as well as textured linens like Burlap will gain further popularity, especially with the urban modern, who seek the NATURAL feel and ECO CHIC. The style works both for the home and event galas.

Burlap is a fun material to mix and match with unexpected romantic accents like lace. It creates a very country chic romantic feeling, which will be perfect for the upcoming spring season. We love the idea of burlap + lace wedding accessories!

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