Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Moroccan Spice Bridal Shower

We love it when brides take risks with their event décor. When Kellie, an adorable young bride, came in for her consultation with the vision of a fabulous Moroccan themed shower, our design team was ecstatic with the thought of starting this wedding season off with a statement event! Fuchsia pinks, detailed overlays, custom floral arrangements and gold accents made this shower one to remember!

When we showed Kellie our designs she was a bit overwhelmed by the different fabrics and colours – but mostly by the hot pink chiavari chairs. We have to admit, on paper, the event sounded a bit crazy but Kellie trusted our team of talented designers, so she went with it. And we are glad she did! Some of our favourite clients are the ones that put faith in our team and allow us to do what we do best!

We used our princess styling to decorate the backdrop and head table. This involves layering and pinching complementary linens to create columns of fabric. We decorated the backdrop and head table with Pink Chiffon Roses - with gold brooches to add some sparkle – and Pink Satin and Gold Cartier ribbons. The head table was dressed in our Pink & Gold Secret Garden overlay paired with our Merlot Satina. This new combination worked out beautifully. The dark merlot colour was pulled from the guest table linens and darkened the otherwise soft overlay.



The guest tables were decorated in one of our favourite fabrics, which we’ve called our PurpleDubai. This unique, detailed fabric has a stunning combination of colours and also comes in a beautiful Teal Blue. But what really made the table design unique were the chairs. The hot pink chiavari chairs were a statement piece and a bit of a risk – but we think it turned out great!

We made custom accessories for Kellie’s shower which worked perfectly with the theme. To start we created custom square vases to hold our beautiful floral arrangements. We wanted to create a simple centerpiece because of the busy linens and statement chairs. We chose soft pinks and purple flowers with a few pops of fuchsia and orchid purple to complete the look. These customized vases dressed in your colour scheme are perfect to line head tables or as centerpieces on guest tables.

To bring some height to the design we created tall lamps to scatter throughout the room, on guest tables and along the head table. The tall, thin stature of the lamps made them perfect for the guest tables without making them to busy. The gold fringe with the fuchsia and purple lampshades completed the Moroccan design.

We are so happy to have been a part of Kellie’s special day. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for Kellie’s wedding – it is sure to be amazing! 

Did you like the bold colour scheme – we want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts!

Venue: The Terrace


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