Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Black on Black

We are constantly updating our collections, adding the latest textures, patterns and colours to our ever growing selection. Where we get our inspiration, you ask? Fashion plays a major role in our choices. When we see designer gowns, sequence blazers or patterned pants we think 'how can we use this'. Whether it is for an elaborate cake table design or a light weight overlay for guest tables we take the time to find the perfect shades and designs that match emerging trends. 

One of the latest trends we've fallen in love with? Black. It's edgy, sophisticated, elegant and posh. For a wedding this may seem a little dreary but we think it could be fabulous - if done correctly.

From left to right, Jason Wu Gown, Alexander McQueen Gown, Ted Mueling Earrings, Alexander McQueen Clutch

Our Black Bella and Black Magic are two of our newest pieces. With a black on black pattern and flecks of gold these event linens are glamorous yet understated.

Black Magic
Black Bella

Our Black Chevron is a little more out there. Its shimmering surface will create a sleek and sexy look to your design. Pairing the Black Chevron with our Midnight Black Satina gives off the impression of leather next to the sequence pattern.

Black Chevron
Midnight Black Satina

Our Panama Pin Dot fabric is a classic piece. We have it in many colours and it never seems to go out of style. The black is a new addition to our collection, however, and we are sure you are going to love it! If you are looking for a mat black, quality fabric, this is the one!

Black Panama Pin Dot
Black Chinchilla

 Some of our favourite events were the ones that sported this edgy black theme. The first image was from a wedding we helped design last year at One King West. We love the grandeur of this space. That paired with the dark colour scheme and unique arrangements make the space eerie yet beautiful.

Venue: One King West

These next two photos are from St. Joe's Summer Solstice at Liberty Grand. The theme was very much a South Beach meets LA inspired design. The all black and white outdoor lounge was beautifully accented with some sparkle and mirrored furniture.

Venue: Liberty Grand
Venue: Liberty Grand
Looking for ways to accessories an all black event? It's easier than you'd think...

 Black and gold is everywhere these days. On clothes, boots, bags, even in home decor. And with good reason. Adding gold accessories will transform a simple design into one that is classy and enchanting.

Bring in pops of gold. Menus, place cards, charger plates or centerpieces. There are so many ways to incorporate the rich colour into your design.

To keep a sophisticated, posh look try a little glitz and some pearl accents. Our new brooches and diamond napkin rings are simple and easy!

Add a little sparkle with a glitzy centerpiece or diamond trim.

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