Friday, 17 May 2013

Inspired by Gatsby

Hollywood's highly anticipated hit film, The Great Gatsby, has got everyone talking! The luxurious gowns, dapper men and overflowing champagne flutes have inspired many in the event industry to recreate the story in their own events.

The beautiful shimmering gowns and intricate jewelry has inspired us to create a new line of linens inspired by Gatsby. With its gilded patterns, reflective surfaces and sequence sparkle our new collection of classic linens are the perfect way to dress your twenties glam table tops.

If this glitzy look is not for you, try a geometric print linen. Use Art deco designs to accent your event to bring a unique look to any space.

The chandelier is an iconic piece that transforms a simple venue into an elegant space. However it is difficult to bring in to certain spaces so instead adorn the room with candelabras or highlight a VIP table with our custom table top chandeliers.


Dress your chair backs in flapper-styled covers. From fringe and jewels to Ostrich feathers and tulle!

Our custom made bouquets made of art deco jewelry and our feather fans are stunning new decor designs inspired by the jewelry of the twenties.

 Let us know what you think of our Gatsby-inspired decor theme and share ideas for your own dream event!

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