Friday, 28 September 2012

TIFF Kick-Off Party

SKYY Vodka hosted the official-unofficial kick-off party for the Toronto International Film Festival and hired us to turn their unusual venue into a swanky and sexy Blue Alley party. The party took place at the corner of John & Adelaide in an alley way. The urban space was transformed into a Moulin Rouge meets Cirque du Soleil event.
 When guests arrived they were greeted by our Glamazon greeters. These 9ft ladies dressed in blue sequence were the perfect way to grab the attention of guests. As they entered the venue space they were immersed in the sea of SKYY blue. We draped the entrance with our cobalt blue lamé fabric and lit up the entire venue with blue LED lighting.
Beats by DJ Miss Kittie pumped out of the elaborate sound system as our acrobatic dancers performed on stage. Behind the stage was a fire escape decorated in LED strip lighting and our cobalt blue lamé fabric. Go-go dancers moved their way up the fire escapes, dancing high above the crowd.
 As if the go-go dancers, acrobats and Glamazon greeters weren't enough we brought in a burlesque showgirl in an oversized SKYY Vodka martini glass to complete the theme.
Servers sauntered around the party handing out hors d'oeuvres and drinks dressed in fabulous blue outfits. The signature drinks for the event included the SKYY White Knightley featuring a unique mix of white cream soda, lemonade and lemongrass, the SKYY Good as Gosling, offering a refreshing mix of watermelon, blueberry juice, lime and mint, and the SKYY Peach Paltrow which combines peach juice and basil with the smooth SKYY Vodka.
As guests headed for the VIP area they were taken up to the fourth floor of the old urban building in a freight elevator.
 When entering the building guests followed a long blue carpet only to find that is attached to a couture gown. As they followed the carpet they were brought into the rest of the party. 
 The space gave off that modern loft feel which went perfectly with our decor design. In the indoor space our Silver Crush Shimmer covered tall cruiser tables. We added small decor details around the space using our White Manzanita Trees.


The party was a great success and we are so glad we could be a part of the festival!

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