Wednesday, 21 December 2011

South Asian Inspiration

It is the bold prints, gold details and colourful tapestry that makes South Asian inspired decor the perfect theme to WOW your guests with. It is a decor theme that has become a very popular request from many brides.

If you're looking to get that authentic, exotic look with a modern flair try draping brightly coloured linens to create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding party or create a fun and comfortable atmosphere with colourful pillows and lanterns for your guests at your next company party. Throw in modern lounge seating and furniture to combine the old with the new!

Here's a little inspiration!

The beautiful detail of this industry trend and the culture itself has inspired us to create our own Exotic Collection full of linens and furniture perfect for any event!

Emerald Green Tapestry
Sapphire Blue Tapestry
Purple Dubai
Heavy Taffeta - Burnt Orange
Copper Glam
Copper Brown Godiva
Red Crush Shimmer
Teal Blue Dubai

Cranberry Origami
Purple Eggplant Shangra-La
Leather Chaise
Round Love Seat
Tufted Event Chairs

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