Thursday, 8 September 2011

Toronto Light Show

Severe storm warnings covered the news last Wednesday night as a heavy storm passed through the GTA and many of the surrounding regions. Thankfully no tornado touched down in our area that evening however the storm did bring lightning - and lots of it - which gave us a little inspiration!

People from across the city snapped photos of the light show that lit up the sky that gloomy night.

The bright bolts of lightning lit up the dark sky for hours that night. With each bold, unique bolt new event themes and decor ideas came to mind.

Check out some of Susan Murray's linens you can use to make a bold statement at your event!

White Enchanting Tree

This sheer printed linen draped over solid black is a perfect way to simulate the intensity of that stormy night sky.

If this daring print isn't what you are looking for, add a little sparkle to your event with sequence linens or bold event accessories.

Mesh Sequence
Silver Organic Glam
Pewter Silver Luminess

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