Friday, 20 May 2011

Gold Rush

Gold is getting hot again.

The cold weather is disappearing and we are craving the warmth of the sun. The fashion and wedding industry seem to be craving the warmth of Gold. There is no wonder, really. For Gold has the magical quality to warm up any brides skin and make her glow.

Besides, Gold can symbolize warmth, happiness, love, hope, optimism, balance, perfection and summer. Understandable that wedding bands and rings traditionally have been made with Gold - which seems to becoming a trend again with young brides.

If you have always dreamed of the pearl white dress, accessories it with sparkly Golden shoes or a cute Golden bouquet.

Golden linen can add sparkle and warmth to your event. It will compliment the food, the guests at the table and your beautiful day.

There are many ways to incorporate Gold in your wedding/event. The festivity asks for Champagne and luxurious sweets and treats. One can find many Golden chocolate and candies out there, have fun with them and create your own Golden rules.


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